About NYTE Small Press

NYTE Small Press, a program of The New York Theatre Experience, Inc., (NYTE) a nonprofit corporation, is the publisher of the Plays and Playwrights series and other anthologies of plays primarily by emerging playwrights. It all began in 2000 with the publication of Plays and Playwrights of the New Millennium (what a nifty title that is). To date, NYTE has published twelve yearly volumes in the Plays and Playwrights series. Also published: Playing With Canons: Explosive New Works from Great Literature by America's Indie Playwrights, Unpredictable Plays by Mario Fratti and Cino Nights I and II. Several are also available as ebooks.

Currently our focus is online publishing via the digital library of the 21st century.  Visit Indie Theater Now where you can browse over 1300 scripts available for purchase to read on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone for $1.29.