Plays and Playwrights 2007

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Published by The New York Theatre Experience, Inc.
Edited and with an introduction by Martin Denton
Foreword by John Clancy
ISBN 978-0-9670234-9-6
ISSN 1546-1319

Included in this anthology:

LENZ by bluemouth inc.
A unique theatre happening in a mind-blowing interactive/experiential format. BLUEMOUTH INC., founded in Montreal, Canada, creates original and exciting site-specific interdisciplinary performances that engage both audience and artists into new forms of play.

OFFICE SONATA by Andy Chmelko
A satirical comedy about corporate life in the high-powered, high-tech era. ANDY CHMELKO is an actor and playwright with a B.A. in theatre from Oswego State University.

KISS AND CRY by Tom Rowan
America’s sweethearts, a rising movie star and a figure skater on his way to the Olympics, turn out to be gay. (Nominated for an ’07 GLAAD award.) TOM ROWAN holds a B.A. from Trinity University and an M.F.A. from the University of Washington School of Drama.

THEY’RE JUST LIKE US by Boo Killebrew
This unconventional one-act comedy looks at the American Dream of celebrity with intelligence, wit, and tenderness. BOO KILLIBREW is an actor, playwright, and choreographer and is a co-founder of CollaborationTown Theatre Company.

CONVERGENCE by Bryn Manion
A meditation on memory, perspective, and the shared collisions and coincidences that can alter lives forever. BRYN MANION is a writer and director and co-artistic director of Aisling Arts.

A musical celebration of freakhood gleefully subverting every rule of musical comedy. TAYLOR MAC is the winner of the first Ethyl Eichelberger Award, working both as writer and performer.

A contemporary play about the scary commonplaces of life in urban America in the new millennium. JAMES COMTOIS holds a B.A. from Boston University and is also the co-founder and resident playwright for Nosedive Productions.

An homage to Noel Coward’s stiff-upper-lip romance as well as a riff on gay relationships and social politics. STAN RICHARDSON is a playwright, actor, and director holding a degree from NYU/Tisch School of the Arts.

CORPS VALUES by Brendon Bates
A father and son go head-to-head when the latter returns home from serving in Iraq and announces he is going AWOL. BRENDON BATES is an actor, playwright, and producer and holds a B.A. from Alleghany College and a M.A. from Antioch University.

DIVING NORMAL by Ashlin Halfnight
An unlikely trio of urbanites balance love, friendship and sexual compulsion. ASHLIN HALFNIGHT is a playwright originally from England and Canada who spent two years as a professional hockey player before embarking on a career in the theatre.

‘NAMI by Chad Beckim
Two inner-city couples become enmeshed in the kidnapping of a little girl, a survivor of the Indian Ocean tsunami. CHAD BECKIM holds a B.F.A. in theatre from Utica College of Syracuse University and is an actor, playwright, and artistic director of Partial Comfort Productions.

APPENDIX: New American Plays in New York
A directory of about 700 new American plays produced in New York City which will provide a detailed view of the vitality and diversity of American dramatic literature. An invaluable resource to all those interested in current drama; indispensable to academics, producing organizations, theatre goers, and historians.