Plays and Playwrights 2010

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Published by The New York Theatre Experience, Inc.
Edited and with an introduction by Martin Denton
Foreword by Leslie Bramm
ISBN 978-0-9794852-3-7
ISSN 1546-1319

Included in this anthology:

A birthday dinner celebration among a group of highly successful friends takes an abrupt peculiar turn in a play that veers maniacally and sardonically through the worlds of politics, art, and revenge. BRIAN PARKS is a playwright whose work has been seen in NYC, regionally, and abroad.

FLIP SIDE by Ellen Maddow
A comedy of misperceptions and mismatches in which two sets of characters - played by the same six actors - occupy two different worlds. ELLEN MADDOW, a co-founder of The Talking Band, is a playwright, composer, and actor.

ANY DAY NOW by Nat Cassidy
A three act drama about a typically dysfunctional American family dealing with a rather atypical problem, the dead are coming back to life. NAT CASSIDY is an actor, playwright, and director with a BFA from the University of Arizona at Tucson.

THE SPIN CYCLE by Jerrod Bogard 
Five short linked plays create a collage of contemporary America - from Lady Liberty to the Hollywood Hills to an army base in Iraq - as ordinary folks attempt to "spin" troubling aspects of their life. JERROD BOGARD is a playwright, actor, and director and is resident playwright for Wide Eyed Productions.

SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE: RX by Gyda Arber and Aaron Baker
A Twilight Zone-esque sci-fi thriller that takes the form of an interactive adventure for audience members, who portray all the characters in this innovative play. GYDA ARBER is an actor, director, and playwright with a degree in Musical Theatre from NYU. AARON BAKER is a film writer and director as well as a theatre actor and occasional playwright.

OUR COUNTRY by Tony Asaro and Dan Collins
Outed in a public restroom, country music sensation Tommy Dautry has gone from darling to derelict overnight. But now, in this exciting and heartfelt musical, Tommy is back and ready to prove that gay or straight, left or's Our Country, too. TONY ASARO has an MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from NYU and he has supplied book and lyrics for several productions. DAN COLLINS has an MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from NYU and has written music and/or lyrics for various productions seen in the NYC area.

An adaptation of the classic Greek tragedy sown in the heartland of America at the Corinthian Trailer Park, with a supernatural element thrown into the mix. WILL LE VASSEUR is an actor, director, playwright, and artistic director of Redd Tale Theatre Company.

AL'S BUSINESS CARDS by Josh Koenigsberg
When gaffing assistant Al Gurvis' s new business cards are accidently swapped with those of a real estate agent, it sets off a chain of events with hilarious - and profound - consequences. JOSH KOENIGSBERG holds an MFA in Playwriting from Columbia University and is a member of several writers' groups.

THE SONGS OF ROBERT by John Crutchfield
A folk musical for one performer with a motley cast of characters that tells the story of a lonely teenager growing up in the mountains of southern Appalachia. JOHN CRUTCHFIELD holds an MFA in Poetry and a Ph.D. in English and American Literature, both from Cornell University, has published numerous poems and essays and his plays have been produced regionally.

A satirical play for adults about gay children, a parisitic twin, an antagonistic grandmother, a depressed chicken, and our growing bodies. JOSHUA CONKEL is artistic director of the Management Theatre Company and his plays have been produced in NYC and regionally.