Plays and Playwrights 2011

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Published by The New York Theatre Experience, Inc.
Edited and with an introduction by Martin Denton
Foreword by Kelly McAllister
ISBN 978-0-9794852-5-1
ISSN 1546-1319

Included in this anthology:

FAULT LINES by Rebecca Louise Miller
Twenty years after the disappearance of their childhood friend, three women are forced to confront the incident that reshaped their lives. REBECCA LOUISE MILLER is an actor and playwright.

POST MODERN LIVING by Richard Sheinmel and Clay Zambo
The antidote for soulless synthetic musicals—this true-to-life pair of plays with songs tells the tale of a gay downtown performance artist, his mom, her breast cancer, and the spirits that surround us all. RICHARD SHEINMEL is a playwright and actor and CLAY ZAMBO is a composer and lyricist.

G.I. JOE JARED, Based on One Really Bad Date by Amy E. Witting
In this delightful one-act, two women realize the importance of friendship through a random blind date, G.I. Joe tarot cards, and a couple of vodka sodas. AMY E. WITTING is a playwright and an actor who has traveled to many lands.

LOVE ME by Jason S. Grossman
A sweet comedy about an underachieving writer/ motivational speaker mired in a lifelong love-life slump. Will he ever find love or be eternally controlled by the incessantly critical voice in his head? JASON S. GROSSMAN is a sketch writer, an actor, a playwright, and a producer.

HASSAN AND SYLVIA by Manuel Igrejas
A glamorous and mysterious couple draw our hero—a young gay man recovering from the death of his longtime lover—into a spicy soup from which he may or may not emerge unscathed. MANUEL IGREJAS is a playwright and formerly a publicist.

FLORIDITA, MY LOVE by Javierantonio González
This darkly comic yet magical play, set on the border crossings between the real and the imaginary, explores the life of one of America's invisible people. JAVIERANTONIO GONZÁLEZ was born in Puerto Rico and is a director and playwright.

WEST LETHARGY by Stephen Kaliski
Two couples, both stalled on their journeys westward toward California, form a strange new neighborhood in this wildly inventive, surreal comedy. STEPHEN KALISKI is completing his Masters' degree in directing.

Sam is finally over Tracy, just as she returns unexpectedly to their quiet beach town. Having faced the past with humor and mercy, now they must look toward the future. TIM ERRICKSON is a director and founder of Boomerang Theatre Company.