Plays and Playwrights for the New Millennium

Published by The New York Theatre Experience, Inc.
Edited and with an introduction by Martin Denton
Preface by Martin Denton

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PLAYS AND PLAYWRIGHTS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM was the very first book in our highly successful PLAYS AND PLAYWRIGHTS series. It was released in 2000 and went out of print in 2004. Now it's back in electronic format with lots of exciting bonus material!

Included in this anthology:

A revel for the new millennium featuring cross-dressers, mismatched lovers, false prophets and madmen, all involved in a grand, possibly apocalyptic drama in the Utah desert. KIRK WOOD BROMLEY is a playwright, actor, director, theatre writer, musician as well as artistic director of Inverse Theater Company.

WHEN WORDS FAIL... by David Dannenfelser
A tender, innovative comedy about the survival of the human spirit in the information age. DAVID DANNENFELSERhas written, directed, and produced many plays over the years. He is a professor of theatre at Wells College.

MAKING PETER POPE by Edmund De Santis
An epic comedy about a young gay man struggling to gain control of his life after his mother dies and his father quickly remarries. EDMUND DE SANTIS is a playwright with a MA in theatre and film. He lives and works in Manhattan.

Three pungent, linked one-act plays about the supreme angst and anguish that comes with turning thirty. LYNN MARIE MACY is a a playwright, actor, and director originally from Minneapolis. She is resident playwright at Theater Ten Ten and an avid world traveler.

CAFÉ SOCIETY by Robert Simonson
A cockeyed satire of contemporary urban America in which a young woman goes to hell and back just to get her daily dose of iced de-ca. ROBERT SIMONSON is a playwright, author, and freelance theatre journalist. He is also the author of several published nonfiction books on theatre topics.

A chillingly comic monologue delivered by a convicted serial killer on death row whose final request is to put on a one-man show. GARY RUDOREN (neé Ruderman) is a writer, director, and actor. He has been a teacher of comedy and is co-author of a book on comedy. DAVID SUMMERS is an actor, writer, computer consultant, and political activist based in San Francisco. He created the role of Archie Nunn in this play.

ARE WE THERE YET? by Garth Wingfield
A bittersweet comic drama about a young woman's renewal and rebirth following some truly shocking medical news. GARTH WINGFIELD is a playwright who works has been produced frequently. He has also written for prime time television and is a member of the Writers Guild of America East, and the Dramatists Guild.


EXCERPT FROM UNTITLED by Kirk Wood Bromley. The first ten minutes of a new play continuing his style of poetic writing.

AN OTHERWISE EMPTY ROOM (MANHATTAN) by David Dannenfelser. A 10-minute play of very few words told all in the action.

SEBRESQUE by Edmund De Santis. A quirky, somewhat darker 10-minute play for three actors.

WRACKED by Lynn Marie Macy. A contemporary 10-minute play that looks on an interesting mother/daughter relationship.

EXCERPT FROM ARCHIE NUNN KILLED A FEW PEOPLE by Gary Rudoren. A screenplay based on his and David Summers' play.

STORY TIME by Garth Wingfield. An up-to-date 10-minute play with an acerbic wit and a bit of sarcasm.